Environmental & Sustainability Policy

MCG affirms its commitment to global environmental protection and recognises the importance of incorporating environmental issues within its business decisions and activities.

The organisation acknowledges the potential for serious environmental impairment which could arise from its contractual operations if these were not carried out in an environmentally responsible and quality manner at all times. The requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and all duties and obligations imposed by the Act, and all other Acts and Regulations affecting the activities of MCG are to be complied with.

Essentially the organisation will:

· Operate an environmental management system, wherever practicable, which meets the requirements of relevant international standards, (such as ISO 14001)

· Strive to achieve continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

· Wherever possible, within the legislative constraints of relevant regulations, protect the environment with regard to aspects of work that are environmentally significant.

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A beautiful shot of wind turbines under the cloudy sky in the Eiffel region, Germany

· Educate, train and motivate its employees to work in a manner which maximises environmental protection and ensures they are aware of the Company’s Environmental Policy and its implications.

· To comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

· Take action with regard to legitimate concerns of employees, clients, regulators, public, insurers or other bodies with regard to improving the environmental performance of its business.

· Reducing the relative consumption of utilities and other resources relating to sustainability.

· To introducing a policy to effectively minimize CO2 emissions from transport by balancing out business needs for efficiency against the environmental impact.

· Working with our staff, contractors and suppliers to reduce waste being sent to landfill and increasing our overall recycling/re-use.

· Aim to minimise impacts on the environment wherever practicable and economically viable.

· Minimise, wherever possible the environmental impact caused by the purchase and use of plant and equipment by implementing a life cycle management programme.

· Aim to continuously improve the company’s environmental performance.

MCG are also aware of the importance of sustainability within our activities and how our activities impact on the environment. We are committed to work towards improving our impact on the environment by management initiatives to encourage all aspects of the business to be sustainably conscious in their work ethics.

There are core areas of the business that are specifically considered:-

· Purchasing and Supply Chain

· Employment Practices

· Suppliers and Contractors

· Waste management and disposal

We also recognise the need to manage our operations on a sustainable basis and that creating a more sustainable future is the responsibility of us all. This includes reducing our carbon emissions, energy costs, waste management and recycling. Recognising our impact and monitoring our efforts to control our impact drives policy changes and will help us work contribute towards more decarbonised energy systems, environmental and energy law, climate change and biodiversity and conservation and sustainable aquaculture.

This statement will be reviewed/revised annually. Signed on behalf of MCG