13 May 2024


TCL Shines Bright with April’s Employee of the Month: Kiran Samra!

Employee of the month - MCG child company TCL - Kiran Samra

At MCG, we take immense pride in our talented team members who consistently go
above and beyond. This month, we’re thrilled to celebrate Kiran Samra as our April Employee of the Month!

Kiran’s infectious positivity and unwavering willingness to help have truly captured the
hearts of her colleagues. Her sunny disposition brightens the office and her dedication
to supporting others is truly inspiring.

Here’s what her colleagues have to say:

  • “Kiran consistently brings joy and laughter to everyone around her. It’s
    impossible to have a bad day when she’s present – her light-hearted spirit is
    simply contagious!”
  • “Kiran’s exceptional handling of the Belron cleaners’ transition and her support
    during the TUPE process truly shine a light on her dedication.”
  • “Always ready to lend a helping hand, Kiran embodies the spirit of teamwork and
  • “Her constant smile and positive attitude make the office a brighter place to be.”

Kiran, your positive energy and commitment to the team are truly remarkable. Thank
you for being such a valuable asset to the TCL family!

Rewarding Excellence

As Employee of the Month, Kiran receives a well-deserved £100 bonus in recognition of
her outstanding contributions.

The Spotlight Continues

Nominations are already open for May’s Employee of the Month award! We encourage
everyone to keep an eye out for the nomination form and recognise the exceptional
efforts of your colleagues.

Together, let’s continue fostering a supportive and positive work environment where
everyone feels valued and appreciated!