27 May 2024


Tennals Environmental Services Prioritises Safety and Sustainability

Safety First

We are proud to highlight the ongoing commitment to safety and sustainability at
Tennals Environmental Services, a valued member of the Mayfair Group family.

Safety First: Toolbox Talks Drive a Culture of Well-being

Throughout October, Tennals Enviromental Services has implemented a comprehensive
program of Toolbox Talks across all departments. These interactive sessions serve as a
crucial platform for reinforcing safe working practices, identifying potential hazards,
and fostering a collective commitment to risk prevention. By promoting open
communication and raising awareness, Tennals Enviromental aims to cultivate a work
environment where every employee feels empowered to prioritise their well-being and
the well-being of their colleagues.

Building a Strong Foundation for Safety

Toolbox Talks are just the first step in TES commitment to building a robust health and
safety culture that goes beyond mere compliance. They recognise that safety is an
ongoing journey and are dedicated to continuously improving procedures and protocols
to ensure all employees feel valued, protected, and supported.

Embracing Sustainability for a Greener Future

Beyond prioritising safety, MCG & TES acknowledges the critical need to address
environmental challenges. They are actively working towards a more sustainable future
by implementing processes that align with the UK government’s ambitious goal of
achieving net carbon neutrality by 2050. While this is a complex and ongoing endeavour,
Tennals Enviromental Services is determined to play its part and contribute to a
healthier planet for future generations.

This is just the beginning of Tennals Environmental Services’ journey towards a safer
and more sustainable future. We remain committed to supporting their ongoing efforts
in prioritising employee well-being and environmental responsibility. Stay tuned for further
updates on their progress in both health and safety and environmental initiatives.